Dr. Sheryl A. Ross, aka “Dr. Sherry”—Ob/Gyn, author, and health expert—has been a passionate advocate for women’s health for over 25 years.Her first book She-ology: The Definitive Guide to Women’s Intimate Health. Period was named one the six Most Life Changing Wellness Books of 2017 by Prevention.com and Women’s Health Magazine.Her second book, she-ology, the she-quel, Let’s Continue the Conversation launched in February 2020.Dr Sherry continues the conversation with Sarah Hyland and Ellen Digital Network with Lady Parts which recently launched in the Fall of 2020. Having received nearly every “Top Doctor”, “Super Doctor” and “Patient’s Choice” award in the United States, Dr. Sherry was honored with The John Wayne Cancer Institute Auxiliary Angel Award for her contributions in advancing the narrative of women’s health care.

Upon attaining her medical degree from New York Medical College, Dr. Sherry spent her Ob/Gyn residency at the University of Southern California School Of Medicine, where, as senior medical resident, she received recognition for her teaching.

Her expertise has been featured in publications such as US News & World Report, LA Times, Marie Claire, Cosmo, Redbook, Hollywood Reporter, Teen Vogue, Glamour, HuffPost and People with TV appearances on GMA, Dr. Oz, Rachel Rey, Home & Family, Moms plaining, Inside Edition and Living Lozada.

In addition to her practice, Dr. Sherry is on the board of Planned Parenthood, Los Angeles. She also acts as spokesperson ambassador for the American Heart Association and Go Red, the association’s national movement to end heart disease and stroke in women. As such, Dr. Sherry recognized the need to address components of the stress echo cardiogram test—a potentially lifesaving test for early detection of heart disease—that had traditionally skewed towards men. To that end, she was co-creator of the Heartlanta Bra, the one bra allowed during rigorous echo-stress tests. Dr. Sherry is also on the board of Jetson Probiotics where she guides product development and translates research into digestible content.

In her pursuit to give women the means to take charge of their health at every stage of their lives, Dr. Sherry has joined forces with URJA Beauty; a clinical, holistic skincare company, founded by a team of beauty industry veterans. Together, they are changing the narrative and bringing clean, efficacious feminine and intimate wellness products to market. The URJA Intimates x Dr. Sherry collection will debut Jan 2021. Following the same pursuit, Dr. Sherry also founded she-ology and they-ology creating intimate wellness products for sexual dysfunction for all.

You can connect with Dr. Sherry and learn more about She-ology by visiting www.DrSherry.com. You can find URJA Intimates x Dr. Sherry on Urjabeauty.com. Dr. Sherry also shares her knowledge with others on Twitter @DrSherylRoss, Instagram@drsherryr and on Facebook DrSherryR.


Dr. Sherry’s mission is to change the narrative of how women talk and learn about their intimate health and overall well-being. She shares her knowledge with others on Twitter @DrSherylRoss,  Instagram  @drsherryr and Facebook  Dr. Sherry

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